No Smoking!!

For GEMASTIK, we made a team of three people and decided to try our luck in the game development competition. Our team made an Android game that encouraged people not to smoke, and named it No Smoking!!. In the game, we play the role as a law enforcer (KPP – Komisi Pemberantasan Perokok or Smokers Annihilating Committee) who lives in an unhealthy city full of smokers. The mechanics was to ‘confront’ smokers who smoke in the otherwise banned area by pointing out the ‘evidences’ – be it a sign, or public places such as hospitals and schools. My friends oversaw the programming, while I oversaw both the art and UI. No Smoking!! successfully passed the first phase, but sadly couldn’t continue to final, despite the praise from our lecturer as it had good educational idea.

This game isn’t published yet, so all I can offer is the screenshots and some assets.

Here are some screenshots of it:


Here are the assets: