BlipBlob is a casual, simple bullet hell game for Android, of which you take control of a Blob and try to survive the attack from enemies – the bat-like creature PakaPaka, the static destroyer Totom, and the evil boss Pakapaking and Totomperor – using the mysterious power of the swamp and the Blip Crystal. Help the Blob to protect his home, the flying island, from those who want to destroy it by collecting crystal fragments and bringing it to the Crystal to create a powerful explosion. Be careful – Blob can’t stay long without resting in the swamp every once in a while! Be sure to check his condition while grazing through the bullets to stay alive!

This game was sort of inspired by Touhou but more forgiving as it’s aimed for casual players. BlipBlob was created by a team of five (with me as one of the artists in charge of character and item designs, animation, and background) and was submitted as our Game Development class final project. This game has also been showcased in the Game Prime Jakarta on November 2016 and got generally positive reviews. You can get the game here.

Here are some screenshots of the game:


Here are some art I created for the game: