To browse through this website, you can directly check my works from the home page. The featured picture represents the category of the work. If you’re still confused, you can check every categories I have from the navigation by clicking the burger menu on the top-right corner of the website. You can also browse through tags as I always tag everything consistently here.

There are six categories in total:


This category is for all my works combined – be it art, game, UI/UX, or graphic design. All my posts, except those that aren’t considered as work/creation, are included to this category.


This category is for my works that are in art form, whether they are digital or traditional art. Only original arts are posted here, the rest (fanart, etc.) can be found in my Tumblr. Usually I draw with pencils for traditional art and Paint Tool SAI or Adobe Photoshop for digital art. Here are the tag for digital and traditional art.

Game Development

This category is for my works that are in game form. Since I’m usually in charge of art/character design/background, most of them are filled with assets or designs from the game. I also give the link to the game if possible. For the art, I either use CorelDraw, Paint Tool SAI, or Adobe Photoshop (depends on the style and type of game), and for the game, usually made by Unity Engine.

UI/UX Design

This category is for my works in UI/UX design field, like mockup, wireframe, or persona. Here are the tag for web and app mockup. I use either CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator to make these.

Graphic Design

This category is for my works in graphic design, like icons, posters, logo, assets, or other random things, usually vector. These are usually made using CorelDraw.


This subcategory is for graphic design used specifically as logo or branding.